Steps to Build Venetian Gondola

Steps to Build Venetian Gondola

Step 1: Prepare materials.
Fine lumbers are seasoned and kiln dried to the appropriate humidity level before they are used. Great products are made from great materials. We acquired the best materials from around the globe including clear grade western red cedar from Canada, oak from the United States exotic woods from south America and Asia, U.S. made Gorilla glue, US Hexcel fiber glass, and other top of the line materials.

Step 2: Research.
Extensive research through original plans and pictures are completed so that we have all correct information to build an authentic Gondola.

Step 3: Start building.
Build the keel, bulkheads and gunwales. This step is very important to get the boat into ship shape.

Step 4: Plank.
Planks are cut and bent to the shape of the hull. Each plank is then glued to the bulkhead carefully

Step 5: Plank some more.


Step 6: Glue.
Glue and epoxy are poured evenly into the inside of the hull. Top quality, wood glue is used adequately for planking and to make sure the hull will not split due to humidity changes.

Step 7: Sand.
The hull is sanded repeatedly so that the surface is as smooth and shiny as fine furniture.

Step 8: Glue and fiberglass.
Once built, the piece is encapsulated in fiberglass epoxy resin adding an extra layer of durability and strength. At last, the water craft is ready for its nautical debut.

Step 9: Complete the hull and hull details including: deck, chair, bow.

Step 10: Paint. The hull is painted with several coats of clear or solid color.

Step 11: Assemble furniture including chairs and pattern.

Step 12: Quality control performance testing.

Step 13: Packaging. In this final important step, the boat is packed in a sturdy wood crate and then put in a nice carton box with cushion for maximum protection. We also perform a drop test to make sure the package is safe in shipping.

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