More than just watercraft, our wooden boats, kayaks and canoes represent connections to a legacy of craftsmanship and old world techniques.


Kenneth Howard

"The workmanship is top-notch on this dinghy. It is lightweight and very easy to maneuver on the water. The oars are beautifully done as well and very smooth. Very satisfied with this dinghy!"



A display piece extraordinaire, our wooden display boat collection will perfectly complement any room, any staging area or anywhere else you can think of to place this artistic masterpiece.

  • Paddle your way

    100% handmade from red cedar. Ultimately hand sanded, fully-functional and perfect for every theme.

  • Kayak Paddle

    Simplicity, elegance and a durable product that will last as long as the wooden kayak it propels.

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  • Canoe Paddle

    Composed of both red cedar and mahogany, these are handcrafted and designed for optimal performance.

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A legacy of craftsmanship and old world techniques

We pride ourselves on adopting those same old world values in every single product we sell.

More than just watercraft, our wooden boats, kayaks and canoes represent connections to a legacy of craftsmanship and old world techniques. Woodenboat USA is invested in the type of construction that recalls generations of boat making. Over thirty years in business, our commitment has always been and will continue to be, to excellence, to tradition and to creating products that you can enjoy both for their performance and incredible beauty.


What makes our wooden boats so unique and special? 

We do not sacrifice the environment for luxury.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: We use only certified top-grade, hand-selected wood such as Canadian red cedar, mahogany, rosewood, teak and more. 
  • THE ART OF CRAFTSMANSHIP: Merging centuries-old customs with technological innovation, we bring you boats that excel in every categories. 
  • IN-HOUSE QUALITY CONTROL: Each of our wooden boats goes through a demand quality control process including in water testing before leaving the workshop.

Hundreds of hours go into the construction of our boats, as perfection is the only options. 


  • Stunning clear graded cedar and hardwood hull 
  • Fiberglass adds tensile strength and abrasion resistance 
  • Designed for a wide ranges of uses comfortable for both day trips and long journeys. 
  • Great for both beginners and intermediate paddlers 
  • Comes with a show graded set of wooden paddles. 



With a little bit of care and maintenance, your beautiful canoe can last for generations. While our products are certainly durable and solid, they still require the right type of care and handling to ensure that they perform optimally.

  • It is recommended that you rinse your canoe off with fresh clean water after every use.
  • Upon returning from the trip, allow your canoe to air-dry in the shade.


Besides taking care of your canoe, storage also plays an essential role in maintaining your canoe’s appearance and beauty.

  • Always store your wooden canoe in shade.
  • Turn it upside down on the support thereby keeping it off the ground.
  • Hanging your boat from the rafters in your garage or shop would be ideal storage.


Minor scratches can be repaired by marine spar vanish or some brand of automobile wax. Smooth the damaged area with sand paper, wipe clean, then apply marine spar vanish.


Wooden Boat USA strongly recommends that a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is worn whenever paddling.