Collection: Paddle

Wooden handcrafted paddle collection!

Moving you effortlessly through the water, our paddle are certainly one-of-a-kind. Created from only the best real wood materials, we offer you simplicity, elegance and a durable product that will last as long as the wooden boat it propels.

  • Using red cedar and mahogany and then hand sanding for hours on end, we have crafted a paddle that is most definitely the best in its class.
  • Just as important as the craft in which you set sail, are the paddles that help guide you through the tranquil blue water. These are handcrafted and designed for optimal performance.
  • The wood is hand-picked, the item handmade, and yes, ultimately hand sanded, these are paddles of which we are incredibly proud.


For the most experienced paddlers, these are the perfect accompaniment to your ride.

Custom Work

Never veering from our standards and handmade construction techniques, we also do bespoke pieces. We have worked with customers on sailboats and even powerboats of different designs and configurations. Merging time-honored traditions of boat building with new possibilities is what we do best!