Collection: Ship Model

In the beginning, ship model is a scale model with the purpose of shaping our understanding of what a final design should be and given us tangible scale precedents to work from. 

As the 20th century moved on, the hobby grew in popularity across the globe and for the first time, thanks to the rise in popularity of plastic precast sets, affordable models were released that buyers could assemble themselves at home. Today, while virtual reality has indeed made the concept of ‘using your hands’ in a digital space more tangible, being able to touch and feel the intricacies and details of a real model can have its benefits and 3D printing and rendering offers the ability to physically test.

Custom Work

Never veering from our standards and handmade construction techniques, we also do bespoke pieces. We have worked with customers on sailboats and even powerboats of different designs and configurations. Merging time-honored traditions of boat building with new possibilities is what we do best!